Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mountain High - 2011 School Version

I have this bad habit of taking on elementary school class auction projects. I just love doing them. Creativity is a good release for me and it benefits our school, too.

This year I just signed up to do the class auction basket for Thing 1's class. My idea was Mountain High, things you'd use for a trip to the mountains, set atop a custom snowboard bench. Her classmates contributed generously and for the benefit of the school, I ended up separating the bench from the rest of the goodies.

My brother Barry founded Chairs4Charity in 2009. He is a testicular cancer survivor and a mensch. This is his way of giving back to the community. The bench he made for our auction is especially beautiful - bright green and blue. Heck, I want it for our ski place!

In our basket were Amex, Any Mountain, iTunes and Bass Pro Shops gift cards, s'mores supplies, 3 books, sand toys, a fancy snow saucer, a thermos and French hot chocolate mix, sunscreen, snowball makers, a snowman making kit and hand warmers. I even managed to wrap it up cute after all the bow-tying and cellophane lessons in preparation for the BatM.

The baskets are on display this week and there are some fabulous ones. Here are my three favorites:

1. Game Basket. It looked like someone went to the game aisle at Target and filled a cart with all the best things. You buy it and then Family House at Children's Hospital is the recipient. What a win! Family House is the residential facility next to the hospital where the families of ill children get to stay when they live too far to commute. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

2. Emergency Preparedness Basket. All the things you're supposed to have in storage in case of a natural or unnatural disaster. Not so sexy but oh so useful.

3. Middle School Basket. Another sharp idea. Included were the ugly PE clothes and gym locker lock, which every 6th grader has to buy, the special calculator required for math class, and a whole lot of other things that mom and dad have to search for come August. A+.

Let the bidding begin!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the highlights! I love the middle school basket idea... we will have to remember that one in a few years! But the games for charity.... the BEST! I need to go check these items out. : ) LOVE the bench too!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Your brother's creations are fabulous!! And the Game Basket for Charity is an amazing idea!

We are getting ready for our big fundraiser next month :)