Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Cannot Sleep

I've been up since 3:05a. This is what's on my mind:

1. Thing 1's birthday party is tomorrow. I've done nearly nothing to prepare for it. Why isn't Baskin Robbins open at 4:25a for me to order the cake?!

2. We have lunch reservations at Bouchon. I may be too tired to enjoy it.

3. The Dining Room aka the Bat Mitzvah Staging Room, is a disaster. Chaos makes me nervous.

4. I should be grocery shopping. There is nothing to eat in the house as we've not been to the store since returning from Tahoe.

5. Neeracha has a new pair of Manolos. I am equal parts happy for her and jealous.

6. I am shopping online.

7. Thing 2 has been up all night coughing. I am afraid it will turn into croup. I can sleep through the phone ringing but wake with every cough of hers.

8. The ski conditions are pristine and we're down in the Bay.

9. I need to write an channels education marketing plan. And contact the 38 Cisco partners who participated in a pilot demand generation campaign to see if they followed up on their B and C leads.

10. A bunch of holiday cards came in while we were gone last week. I did not send cards to most of them. Will we have any friends left this time next year?!

1 comment:

Neeracha T. said...

I am starting to get concerned! When are we going shopping to take your mind off things?! My Manolos are pretty ordinary in the bigger schema of things - a pair for the office!