Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm not sure what it is about tulips but they've long been my favorite flower. Yellow especially. They are simple and elegant and their season is not nearly long enough. Like Girl Scout cookies, they're around briefly for my birthday.

When I was a child my father did a series of photographs of red tulips. The most stunning of them is taken of the inside of a tulip. Did you think I'd remember this, Dad?

The dining tables at Ilona's wedding had high vases of enormous white tulips. I remember the tulip centerpieces; everyone else probably remembers the endless vodka.

Neeracha brought me back a tulip vase from a trip she did to the Netherlands way before either of us had kids. She also brought me back tulip bulbs, which I temporarily froze in a Ziploc bag and labeled: Tulips - do not eat. To this day Dave teases me about this.

Someday I will see the Keukenhof in the Netherlands and the Skagit Valley Festival in Washington State. In the meantime I will keep going back to Kathy's vacation pictures and be grateful that she let me use this image for my header.

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Sara said...

Beautiful picture, although I really liked your previous photo array on your old header too. I also love tulips, although my favorites are peonies. They are only briefly available (in Austin, at least) around Mother's Day, but I smile at their beauty whenever I look at them.