Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slow down.

Eldest Daughter and I volunteered at the Open Heart Kitchen this afternoon. The kitchen is located in a senior community and we served the low-income residents a hearty dinner and then scrubbed that kitchen until it shined.

Boy those people move slow. They walk slow. They eat slow. They talk slow. It was a great place to learn restaurant skills. No pressure whatsoever. And it forced us to get off the light speed conveyor belt we ride if just for a few hours.

I guess I left my Miraval Zen mindset at Miraval. Bummer.

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Paige said...

My mom and I talk about this. Why are the oldsters so slow? It seems like they would move faster because they have LESS time left! Doesn't kind of annoy you? I'm glad you took a good "slow down" lesson from them because to me it would make me angry and want to scream, hurry the F up! Times a wastin' WE (YOU) aren't getting any younger! Maybe I shouldn't volunteer with the elderly. Why must they drive so slow too? they should drive fast and live a little because they don't have much time left!