Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Would you like some truffles with that?

Truffles seem to be everywhere these days. A year ago I bought salt with truffles. It's really good. Then Neeracha brought me salt with truffles from the Dordogne. It's even better; the salt is saltier and the truffle chunks are bigger.

Dave and I went to the Wood Tavern in Rockridge on our anniversary and truffled fries were on the menu. We sat at the bar and the woman next to me mentioned that the restaurant she works at also does truffled fries and she prefers theirs to the ones at Wood Tavern. (It's B Restaurant in Oakland in case you want to compare.)

Saturday night Dave and I had dinner at 5A5 in the city and Neeracha and Sean joined us, much to my surprise and delight. We had truffled fries, truffled mashed potatoes and her salad had goat cheese with truffles. I like truffles but I'm done for a while.

5A5 is a good spot in the financial district. It features a5 Wagyu beef, Kobe beef and Angus steak. We started with a few rounds of hamachi, salmon and A5 shooters. Dave had tako salad, which he really enjoyed, and I had the wedge, whose best part was the chunks of bacon, which also appeared in the mashed potatoes. We all had steak -- my filet was perfect. Sean, Neeracha and Dave seemed to enjoy theirs, too, based on what was (not) left on the plate.

I had the too-rich chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert and Sean and Neeracha ate the doughnuts flavored with matcha tea and served with a kumquat marmalade.

The restaurant can't decide if it's a restaurant or a lounge but I liked the bathrooms -- dark wood and European style with shared toilets and a central bank of faucets.

It's worth a return visit.

My MIL was kind enough to keep the kids overnight so Dave and I headed back to to the Ritz-Carlton where I closed my eyes and awoke 12 hours later to a view of Coit Tower. Life is good.

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