Saturday, June 19, 2010

A morning in the office with Mommy

Thing 1 has wanted to come to work with me for a long time. I mostly work from home but that wasn't what she had in mind: she wanted to come to my client site.

She finally wore me down.

She dressed up in an outfit I deemed appropriate and matching; Rosa did her hair in an elaborate French braid. She brought my personal laptop and earphones to keep herself entertained. She also brought her fashion sketch book in case she tired of playing Moshi Monsters or watching movies.

Here's what she did during my three hours of back-to-back conference calls:
  1. She discussed work with my colleague. He told her that I do the same thing at home, albeit in my pajamas. She asked him if he works at night, too, and if his daughters mind. He said yes and yes.
  2. She got Cheetos out of the vending machine.
  3. She went to the bathroom twice.
  4. She got water from the break room.
  5. She went to the restaurant in the next building and bought a hamburger for lunch. The cashier thought she was so cute that she gave her a bag of Haribo in exchange for a hug.
  6. She played Moshi Monsters.
  7. She sketched four outfits for me.
  8. She looked for Tyker and Tracy, who are friends of Dave's but neither was in the office.
  9. She called her friend Hannah.
  10. She called her father.
She was an absolute angel for four hours and then we left. Wish granted.


Neeracha T. said...

that's adorable - bring her to the city so we have a girls lunch sometime!

Thom Singer said...

Kate recently had to fly to Tucson with me for a business trip, as her mom and sister were out of town, and I had to give a speech. She spent the day with a friend of mine, who she dubbed her "Manny" (Male Nanny). Apparently she bossed him around all day. Then we flew home. She decided business trips were too much travel time for too little time on the ground.