Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Riding the storm out

Spring Break. I had visions of Hawaii. San Diego. Someplace warm. But then I decided on a girls' trip later in the month so we stayed local. Tahoe is local enough when you have a mortgage payment there. And with a series of storms hitting California the week before Spring Break it was an easy decision.

My Dad, Thing 2 and I drove up during Monday afternoon's storm. My Dad was a star and drove while I did conference calls.

Monday's storm gave way to blue skies Tuesday. I worked in the morning then skied in the afternoon. My brother, ice cream SIL and two blond nieces joined us so my brother and father took the kids skiing in the morning and my SIL proved to me in the afternoon that she can still beat me down the hill on a snowboard. My only goal for this trip was to not break anything; that would really screw up the aforementioned girls' trip.

I do have to give my brother credit. Even his three-year-old now skis and rides the chairlift. I cannot believe she got with the program in 24 hours. Apparently she gave it every last bit of energy she had and after several runs fell asleep on the chair. My brother carried her down the last run and on to the funitel back to the base of the mountain. I wish I had seen this!

We saw two sets of friends from the Bay -- Thing 2 did snowplay with one set and we had the other family over for dinner. Thing 2 was in her element -- lots of kids to run wild with and weather great enough to build snowmen in without worrying that they'd blow over.

I'm sad to go home tonight.

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Paige said...

Not getting hurt is a worthy goal. But I would have happily pushed your injured body around in a wheelchair. And I would have held your pills. But glad you had a wonderful time. One week! I'm freaking.