Thursday, April 1, 2010

Urban Farming

Everyone's doing it. This is California after all. Our backyard has two raised beds, which is actually a misnomer because they are lowered beds cut into the back slope. Nonetheless, they were constructed for this very purpose: the growing of food.

Every year I plant tomatoes. And every year we don't eat any because there aren't any to eat. One year a vole got them. Another year the sprinklers didn't work right and they withered. And another year we had a windstorm and the tiny plants blew right out of the ground and to places still unknown. Last year I planted them too late. You get the idea?

The only thing I seem to be able to grow is carrots. I love this picture of Thing 2 in my parents' garden. It's the moment when she discovered that carrots actually come from the ground.

This year is no different. I planted tomatoes over the weekend. Two kinds. Cross your fingers for us.

One of Thing 2's friends has a huge garden, probably 1000 sf. I envy their summer bounty. I don't envy their pet tortoise and Spike is the reason that I don't just go over there and raid it in the middle of the night. He might be a trained guard tortoise and I don't want you all to read about me in the paper.

You guys have green thumbs. I know you do. And you have gardens that produce. So here's my ask: when you have too much, call me. I will pick it up and turn it into delicious food we can all eat. I will even come over and pick it myself. I can tend to your garden while you're on vacation this summer!

Remember Jill and her oranges? That's the strategy. We don't even have to eat it together if you don't want to. I will make food for your freezer! I will post my yummy recipes. I might even babysit your kids. But not if they're still in diapers.

Don't these peaches look good? They could morph into peach ice cream for you. Or peach and raspberry cobbler ala The Barefoot Contessa. You know where to find me.

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Polka Dot Moon said...

We grow tomatoes & peppers and always have an abundance of them! I share too ;)