Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grandma's House

No. Not my mom's house. Nor my mother-in-law's house.

Grandma's House is a tiny place at Squaw. It's not on any map. In fact, every spot on the mountain has a name. It's like the hidden menu at Jamba Juice or In-N-Out. You have to be in the know. And when your child skis on team they know all this stuff. And if you're lucky, they show you. Which is how I ended up skiing through the trees and to Grandma's House on Sunday.

Thing 2 also took me down Broken Arrow. Which is on the trail map. She showed me BR. Big Rock. Sunday was just a great day for skiing. I get pickier and pickier about the conditions as I get older. If there's wind, forget it. Light snow is fine but the wind just makes me cold. And scared on the chairlifts. And by the way I hate putting on my boots. And walking to the Funitel. Which is such a horrible thing to admit when you are lucky to get to ski in the first place. Back to Sunday. Dave, Thing 2 and I skied in the morning. I'm not sure where all the skiers were; it was an atypical Sunday. The sun was out and we skied with our jackets unzipped. And then in the afternoon Thing 1 and I ice skated. It's harder than it looks.

Friends of ours just closed on a place at Northstar so we feted them Saturday night at the 50 50 Brewpub in Truckee. It was good. For Tahoe.

I missed the neighborhood Academy Award viewing party but it was worth it to have a pristine day of winter sports with the kids and Dave. And as a bonus, I have The Hurt Locker here on DVD. Dave was savvy enough to get it from Netflix before won best picture.

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