Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's all downhill from here.

This was supposed to be a great ski weekend. Thing 1, who does not ski because it might mess up her hair, had a "stayover" with her friends and their very gracious mom. This would enable Thing 2 to ski with her team and Eldest Daughter, Dave and I to ski together all weekend.

The weather did not cooperate. Yes, we're a little particular about the conditions since we're in the mountains a lot. But snowing blowing sideways does not constitute a good shared ski experience. By noon Saturday the storm was in full force and on Sunday Thing 2's race was canceled. You know how I just love watching the snow fall? How I think there's nothing more beautiful than trees looking like they were dipped in frosting? With the amount of time we've spent at Tahoe this year, I'm so over it.

This picture is of Thing 2 on her way in from ski team. It may look like she's not happy but really, she's thrilled. First, she loves skiing so no matter what the weather, she's happier on the hill. Second, she left her Nintendo DS on a plane en route to Atlantis and thus does not have one. This would not be such a big deal if she didn't have six hours in the car each weekend back and forth to the mountains. We told her that if she skied with team 15 days this winter we'd buy her a new one. Today was Day 15. A new DS was well deserved.

Frankly, I have mixed emotions about Spring skiing. I like the idea of warm days and sunshine. But I dislike wet, heavy snow and prefer winter powder. So while I was sad that the weekend didn't turn out as planned, I did enjoy the nap I took Saturday and the long run I went for this morning.

The usual suspects were around, though, and we celebrated some birthdays. But mostly we hung out and watched the snow fall then drove home in a storm to retrieve Thing 1 before she wore out her welcome. I was also a little afraid that Thing 1 would not want to come home. Paige has four children and a large extended family so it's always a party at her house.

Our other motivation for racing home was that Twilight was in our mailbox and Eldest Daughter was dying to see it again. We combed the Squaw Valley shops for it Saturday, the day it came out on DVD, and came up empty. This is Tahoe after all.


Paige said...

I can't wait for spring skiing! April here we come.

Polka Dot Moon said...

It's spring around here. No wet, heavy snow.....but allergies in FULL force!

I must start reading Twilight!