Monday, October 27, 2008

Winners' Circle

It was a good day in the House of Pink!

Eldest Daughter was elected to Student Council. This is especially sweet as I ran for class secretary when I was in fifth grade and lost, partly because I spelled secretary wrong on all my posters. I lost to Jeff Hawkins and clearly this still bothers me. Strangely, I was at a park 200 miles from here last summer and struck up a random conversation with another mommy. She was married to Jeff. Fortunately he was not with her. I claimed not to remember him.

Dave played in a golf tournament benefiting our local soccer program today. He's a pretty good golfer in general although frankly, I wish he'd play more. He belongs to a prestigious club in the city and does not get there very often. I sent him to short game school at TPC West 10 years ago and although he loved what it did for his game, he hated it.

Fast forward to today: his foursome won!

I am so proud of them both. We're celebrating in our house tonight!

P/S If any of you want to play mid-week, please email Dave. I really wish he played more; it's a great outlet for him. He just has to be home by 2pm to pick up the kids at school unless he gives me lots of advance notice.

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