Friday, October 10, 2008


It was a tough week.

Monday was Parent Teacher Conferences at school. There we learned that Thing 1 writes well, Thing 2 is competitive, Eldest Daughter's teacher has no clue how she's going to teach basic and advanced math in one class and that our new principal failed to deliver on her promise five weeks ago to temporarily replace the computers stolen from Eldest Daughter's classroom on the second day of school.

Thursday was Yom Kippur and I enjoyed celebrating the holiday with my family. However, we arrived at services just before they started and the prayerbooks were all gone. Not being able to read along gave me extra time for reflection of the year's actions. It was a good experience but one I'm not up for repeating any time soon.

I'm two weeks into a new client engagement. This is a client I've worked with before and the work is interesting but a new project means I'm drinking from the firehose. I go through this every single time and always recover but it's stressful nonetheless. At least I do not work in financial services.

Tonight, however, I am preparing for a quick run to Tahoe and back. All ski team members rent their equipment during one weekend and this is it. I love this picture of Thing 2 on the Funitel last season. The Pinks and I did a provisioning run to Trader Joe's we stocked up on bottled water, fruit leather, granola bars, cereal, pasta, pasta sauces and nuts. Just the thought of fresh snow makes me giddy.

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Polka Dot Moon said...

You are one busy momma! I admire how you are able to juggle such a busy schedule!! And just how cute is that picture!!!

(P.S. I'm giving you a little tag ;)