Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Trifecta

I must preface this blog post by noting that Dave was out of town last week.

On Tuesday night I worked late in Palo Alto. And when I came home at 8:30pm and was upstairs with all Three Pinks, the garage door opened. We fled the house for our sweet neighbors' and I called the police. With the help of a big dog and his powerful nose, two men packing heat searched the house top to bottom, and then the garage and the yard. Eventually they declared it safe to return. We went to bed late. In my case, getting into bed did not translate to a good night's sleep.

On Thursday night I went to an NCL meeting, leaving The Pinks with instructions to turn on the alarm after I left. What I did not leave them with was an understanding of the Stay vs. Away alarm settings. And so an hour later one of them tripped the alarm and again, the neighbors came to the rescue. One came over immediately. A different one was there when I got home 30 minutes later.

And then there was Friday. Eleven hours of this day was spent in the ER. Where The Pink who instigated this adventure came to the conclusion that she prefers female doctors and male nurses. I do have to admit the department manager nurse who came to her rescue when the first nurse collapsed a vein while running her IV, was awesome. He was gentle and fast with needles, and entertaining as well.

On Saturday arrived Fabio, a gift from a friend. I'm going to leave him on the front porch for a while.

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Postcards From The Hedge said...

It seems a waste to leave him on the porch...I think he should be in the bedroom.