Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I got to sleep in! And then I went riding with my Dad. I was having such a good time enjoying the scenery that I didn't notice low branches on the tree approaching. And before I knew it I was eating oak leaves and doing a back bend in the saddle. It was pretty funny.

We had my parents and brother and his family for dinner. Dave deep fried chickens (turkeys are not as easy to find in May as you'd think). And then he deep fried frozen french fries, thin-sliced potatoes to dip in the tzatziki I made, and for dessert, Twinkies, Oreos and ice cream. In case you were wondering, the Chocolate Mint Oreos were the unanimous favorite. I got lots of affection from the three girls who made me a mother, and also wished they'd lay off torturing each other for just one day.

And now my tender sitz bones and I are headed to bed. Next time I will wear my padded bike shorts under my jeans ...

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