Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break - Working Mommy Style

The Pinks are on holiday next week. This makes me both happy and sad. Happy because they will ski with their cousins in Tahoe. Sad because I do not have the week off work.

I went back to working in-house last fall. While I didn't anticipate doing so, this opportunity was too good to pass up and, eight months later, I still think I made a good decision. But I no longer have the same amount of time off work I did when I was self-employed.

Once you get out of school, summer is a season and not a vacation. I asked the kids if they'd prefer me to stay in the Bay or if they'd prefer me to be up at Tahoe with them and be working. They did not hesitate to tell me that they wanted me to come up to the mountains and that they'd be extra sensitive to my work demands.

This year is an adjustment, the whole-mommy-cannot-take-off-as-much-time-as-she-wishes thing. But in general I feel lucky to have a fun job that I can do from home three days a week. (And Tahoe is home, too, thanks to that mortgage payment.) The Singapore and China trip provided me with a lot of air time, which I worked a great deal of with the blessing of my manager.

Still, I will be sad to see our extended family create new mountain memories while I try to change the world, one performance tester at a time.

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