Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's a new gun in town.

Watch out suburbanites. Thing 2 is armed and dangerous.

Three years ago Thing 2 helped Jill clean up her mom's back yard. The process involved the use of a leaf blower, which Thing 2 was too young to use at the time and has coveted ever since. Apparently Thing 2 is now old enough and Jill and Wally got her her very own leaf blower for Hanukah this year. She was shocked into silence when she opened it. Big, big eyes. Literally speechless.

Fast forward to last weekend when she had her first chance to use it.

The fall leaves are long gone but we did have a bit of toilet paper in our yard Saturday morning. The funniest part of us being TP'd is that the 10-year-olds who did it started at 10:30pm and we busted them in act. We thought it hilarious. I wonder if they peed their pants during the dash from the crime scene.

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