Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Every day, sometimes twice

There are so many things to love about Italy!

Here are some of our current favorites, in no particular order.

The people watching. The well-coiffed and heeled and not-well-coiffed. In big cities the women wear short shorts and high heels. In small towns they wear mumus and Birkenstock knockoffs. I am still working up the nerve to pop pictures when I see these amazing people.

The gelato. This is our current favorite spot. Cafe Teatro, a block from our villa, is pretty good, though. Eldest Daughter, Thing 1 and I have been eating limone and fragola (strawberry). Thing 2 favors stracciatela (chocolate chip). Our friend Kate has pledged to try a new flavor each time. Thus far she has had Puffo (Smurf blue and anise tasting) and Nutella.

The pizza. 3,5 euros buys a pizza big enough to feed two children or one hungry adult.

The shoes. I added pair of purple Tod's loafers to my collection. Need I say more?

The pace. I fear that Italy's economy is not far behind that of Greece.

The architecture.
The duomo in Verona, completed in 1187, was just average looking on the outside. The inside was breathtaking, jawdropping. The medieval paintings, frescoes and marble font made this a worthwhile haul across town. Oh yes, and 4pm mass was going on, too. Thom and Sara got the checkoff. The Arena is worth another post alone.

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Thom Singer said...

Kate has continued to try a new flavor of gellato with each visit to a gelateria..... puffo, nutella, chocolate chip, kiwi, melon, lemon, and I think one or two more flavors (she is keeping a list) in just five days. For nine years old I am impressed with her dedication to exploring new things.