Friday, April 1, 2011

Lessons from Glee

You love this show. I love this show. The music is upbeat and great for running. Grey's Anatomy, a TV show I have been with since its pilot, just did a music episode, likely to capitalize on the trend. Fail. Big fail. Even though the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack is a winner, the music episode was barely worth watching. Glee is magic.

Here are some things Glee reminds us of:

Gay is okay. Thank you, executive producers, for putting a same-sex kiss on TV during prime family viewing hours. And Kurt and Blaine were so adorable, too! Does anyone know if the actor who plays Blaine is gay in real life?

Teen pregnancy is not okay. Sure, Quinn looked cute and all but how much fun could it have been singing and dancing while hauling around that big belly?! And Quinn's water breaking at a competition? Ewwww! Fortunately Quinn regrets this, too, and has returned to the Celibacy Club.

Gywneth Paltrow is a triple threat. And did you see the fabulous choreography on Singing in the Rain? It's my all-time favorite piece of Glee choreography. Gywneth, do us a favor and keep to the screen. Your blog is terrible.

Parenting is hard. Example 1: Kurt's dad having the boy-on-boy sex talk with him. Example 2: Quinn's mom kicking her out for getting knocked up. Example 3: Finn's mom telling Finn that she deserves happiness and for him to suck it up and be happy she is marrying Kurt's dad.

High school is hard. For everyone. The closeted football player who kisses Kurt. The virgin, married guidance counselor. Always-angry Santana who can't figure out if she likes girls or boys. Coach Beiste who is tough on the outside but easily hurt. Trouty-lips Sam and Rachel, who are the odd ones out in the Quinn-Finn on-again, off-again romance.

Embrace your personal style. Rachel is adorable in her preppy nerdiness. Tina embraces her inner and outer Goth. Mercedes dresses big and bold, showing off those curves.

Well-written, well-executed dumb is hilarious. Brittany's deadpan one liners kill me time and time again: "When I pulled my hamstring I went to a misogynist." "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" "Sometimes I forget my middle name."

I am proud to be a Gleek.

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Neeracha T. said...

We are going to the show on May 24 in San Jose - can't wait!