Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're bracing for the future.

I've just come home from the orthodontist. My head is throbbing and I didn't have any work done!

Two years ago Eldest Daughter went to the orthodontist. She was not ready for braces and so we returned to the very nice orthodontist every six months until her mouth was ready. If all goes according to plan then she will only have braces once. Thank you Dr. Bigman.

Today I took the twins. I was completely unprepared for the outcome. They need braces and they need them right now. And lucky us -- their treatment is likely to include two rounds of braces plus retainers and neck gear. Fortunately they were thrilled: retainers come in so many colors and patterns, including glow in the dark, and you can even choose the fabric on your neck gear. Yeah!

We'll see if they are still so happy when the first bits of metal go into their mouths next week.

Please accept my apologies for the brief blog post -- I must refine my day trading skills now.

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Lori said...

Leslie - get a second and third opinion! I just hiked with a bunch of parents from San Francisco and one is a dentist. She said that too many orthodontists are pushing braces WAYYY too early and you will have to have a second set. Be very conservative. Anyway, that's her advice. Let me know what the other opinions are - we're waiting with Leo for at least another year and our first ortho. was pushing for them in 4th grade.