Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Dave comes home from Tracy & Matt's Halloween Party. Try to engage him in conversation. It's futile.

Thing 1 decides to serve us breakfast in bed. It's a very sweet gesture yet it's too bad she had to wake us to do so.

Get out of bed and doll up because I absolutely positively have to shoot my work video while my hair is still perfect from my Friday afternoon trip to the salon.

Set up the Flip camera and stage the living room. Coerce kids into being human teleprompters. Eldest Daughter yells at me that she doesn't like being told what to do. After all, she's taking Video Production in middle school. Bite tongue to stop from telling her what I think of her attitude. Give husband two extra strength Tylenol and a bottle of Propel.

Am starting to get frustrated with the video shoot. Not as frustrated as the human teleprompters, though.

Realize we need to be at soccer in 20 minutes. Throw soccer clothes at Thing 2 and tell her she can get dressed in the car. Check on husband. He decides to meet us at the game.

Arrive at soccer for pre-game face painting and then warmup. It's Halloween after all.

Soccer game. Greet my parents, who have come to cheer on Thing 2. Notice that my mom and I have very similar haircuts these days. Discuss easy appetizers with Soccer Moms.

Console Thing 2, who is either hysterical that the season is over or that they lost. I never did find out.

Grocery shop. No idea why since I am leaving town for the week. Earn bonus points for not purchasing the People New Moon special issue. Figure I can buy it at the airport if I still want it.

Reshoot video, this time with husband as teleprompter. It still sucks. Bathe Thing 2. Prep appetizer for tonight.

Drop Eldest Daughter at Halloween Party then go Kristin & Mark's for dinner.

After dinner, trick or treat with kids in nearby neighborhood since ours is dark on this holiday.

Go to Maddy & Tim's for their annual Halloween Chili Feed while all the kids in our neighborhood trade candy upstairs in their house. Discuss bike shopping with Jill and Leeann. Ooogle at our neighbors' beautiful babies. It makes me want another. For about thirty seconds.

Walk home from Maddy & Tim's just as Eldest Daughter is dropped off. She tells me that she has returned with 176 pieces of candy.

Consider raiding Pinks' candy but decide to hold off until morning. Also consider shooting video again but instead, crawl into bed, thankful that we get an extra hour this weekend.


Polka Dot Moon said...

You are one busy lady my friend!

Thank you for the lovely compliment and I must say you look fabulous and haven't changed a bit either!!

Neeracha T. said...

Just bought Mei a new bike last week - 24" Specialized mountain bike, with a nice basket. It was EXPENSIVE! Sean didn't realize how much they cost - he's now insisting that we lock all the bikes up even when they're in our backyard behind the gate.