Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am adult enough to admit it:

I am a Twilight junkie.

I have all read four books plus the Midnight Sun draft on Stephenie Meyer's web site. I have seen the movie more than five times and have my own copy. I listen to the soundtrack in the car.

It's pretty bad. Fortunately I am not alone.

My Ice Cream Sister-in-Law read all four books in four days. She and her friend have picked the book and movie apart, too. She said it made her feel better knowing that me, the working mom of three, who has very limited free time, was having a problem, too.

While we were at the park together, a first grade mom confided that she's hooked, too, and is rereading the books.

One of my neighbors, whose description will remain generic, is rereading the books, too, on her daily train ride into the city. She turned me on to the fan site Twilight Moms.

It's not Robert Pattinson, I swear. He seems dirty and not in a den of inquity sort of way. It's not Taylor Lautner. He's very young. It's the story. It's just sweet and refreshing and different! It's a lovely love story.

If you have not read them, just get it over with. It's great escapism.


Polka Dot Moon said...

My name is Denise.........I'm a "twilight" addict.

You know I'll be checking out that link ;)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh and I do have a "twilight" pendant that's one of the giveaways going on right now :)

Come by!