Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mountain high

Sadly, we're back from Tahoe.

Mission successful on the shopping. I'm the proud owner of a new pair of demo skis and purple Lange boots. Color-coordinated on the slopes I will not be -- my helmet is pink, the skis are brown and my jacket is green -- but it won't much matter because I'll be such a blur passing you on the hill! In reality, I just hope to keep up with Thing 2 this season. The kid has the potential to be a force to be reckoned with on the mountain.

We did the usual Tahoe stuff -- walked around the Village at Squaw to see what had opened and what had closed. The much-anticipated Mexican restaurant seems no closer to serving margaritas than it did in November, when its sign went up. We ate. We swam. We went to Starbucks and I bought the kids frou-frou drinks with nineteen syllables that I'd never cave to at home. We ran into random people from our Bay Area suburb. At left is a picture from the Village looking back up at the mountain. The picture below is Thing 2, playing on one of the original chair lift cable wheels at Squaw. It was in use from 1949 - 1977.

It was just me and the kids for this quick trip -- Dave played in a golf tourney in Sonoma. He had a blast with his cousin Tom, our eldest daughter's g/dfather, and I'm glad. After all, this was a man who gave up spectator tickets to the US Open to do so.

Our trip was cut a bit short when, Sunday morning at 1a, Thing 2 awoke to croup. This is a big deal because Thing 2 is the healthiest child on the planet. She's run a fever all of three times in her six years.

After an hour she was breathing normally again but I was never going to fall back to sleep after such an adrenaline-filled incident. So I packed up entourage and at 2:15a we were on the road back to the 'burbs. For those of you who know me, this was no small feat. I am not a night person. But the thought of driving home in the morning, sleep deprived, was worse that just pushing through and fleeing the mountains. At 5a we were all back in our beds, sleeping like babies.

And so Father's Day begins ...


Paige said...

Holy cow. You are superwoman. Poor little girl. Did you get her on antibiotics? Hope you had a great day today! Love love the pics.

Now pls blog about how your little girls have g/dfathers- next you are going to tell me about your Christmas tree or something!

Paris said...

It was a hard morning. I know, I was there.