Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fewer museums, more shoe stores.

That sums up my recent experience traveling to London and Amsterdam without the kids.

Here are some other things I noticed:

1. I lingered over meals, and even ate them when I was hungry, not when the clock or someone else's stomach dictated. I could skip meals altogether and also mentally move an apple tart into the fruit category.

2. I rode public transit without cries of "Can we take a taxi instead? I don't like streetcars / metro / buses." I actually like figuring out and taking public transit; it's part of the experience.

3. When I got lost on the way back to my friend's home in London, I convinced myself that I was exploring the neighborhood rather than cursing the fact that the adorable row houses look the same.

4. I was not constantly on the lookout for bathrooms, knowing that someone would soon need one. And I was not getting glaring looks, imaginary or not, from merchants knowing we were more interested in their plumbing than their product or service.

5. I did a whole lot of people watching and then discussed those people with my travel mate, sometimes using words or making observations not suitable for impressionable young minds.

6. I flew home as an involuntary standby passenger and didn't stress about it.

7. The kids and Dave are fun, intellectually and socially curious travelers. I missed them!