Monday, September 5, 2016

Into the Wild

RBF has nothing on me. I've come up with a new acronym: CMF. Crying Mother Face.

Admit it: quite a few of you are rocking this look lately. It's what we wear after we drop our children at college. I put on an Academy-Award-worthy performance of bravery when actually in the presence of my child. It was after I left her dorm room that I completely lost it. I cried so hard that my throat ached and I had to gasp for air. I walked away from my husband, not because I didn't want him to see me cry, but because I didn't have enough Kleenex to share in case he melted down, too.

When I stopped crying, I realized that our younger two children will need to go to one of the colleges within an hour's drive of our home. There is no way I can do that again.

The thing is, Eldest Daughter is happy. She got into her first choice school. Her roommate is super sweet and they seem well-suited for each other. Except for Fridays, her classes don't start until 11am. She hit the jackpot on the dorm; she's in a 1930s building which was renovated a year ago and which is connected to the student union. This means that during the most miserable of Michigan blizzards she can wear flip flops to get Panda Express and a grande quad nonfat one pump no whip mocha. This weekend she went to some fraternity parties and a football game at The Big House. This is what we hope for.

Classes start tomorrow. I wonder if she will shoot a selfie on the way out the door just because it's tradition.


Barbara Goodson said...

Thanks for naming the CMF!

RonH said...

While dropping the eldest off at college is a big and important step to be sure...I never understood why people cry about this.

I mean, I understand that mostly this is about how you're going to miss your kid - in that you will have to transition from seeing them everyday to not seeing them everyday...and that it's a little bit scary to think that you won't be there to "take care of them" anymore - which means they might get into some difficult situations you might otherwise have helped them avoid.

But at the end of the day, it should be a really, really happy occasion - your child is starting a new and interesting chapter of their life - which is exactly what you want for them - and which you've spent the better part of their lives preparing them for.

It's not a question of whether bad things will happen...they undoubtedly's a question of how your child will respond when they do - and if there's one thing I know about you, it's that you've done such a terrific job, that you have NOTHING to worry about.

So take a deep breath, wipe that CMF off and smile, resting assured that you have accomplished something amazing.

Panharith said...

While dropping the eldest off at college is a big and important step to be sure...I never understood why people cry about this.

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