Sunday, December 28, 2014

Do opposites attract? Or at minimum, can they work?

There was a recent question on the Berkeley Parents List from a woman who was concerned about her long-term relationship her baby's father, a night owl. She is a morning person and went on for several paragraphs about her fears that two people so different might not have a chance at marital bliss.

This struck me as overthinking in a big way. If you want some laughs, point your browser at the BPN. I love the diversity of opinions far right and far left, and also the queries from (what I consider to be) wackos such as a woman who wanted to know exactly how to apologize for driving her husband to have an affair by pursuing her PhD while pregnant with their child.

This night vs morning thing seems to be a matter of picking your battles. I'm a morning person. Dave is a night person. When necessary I stay up really late. When necessary he gets up early. That's how we roll.

A a mother-of-three told me that it took her a while to realize that she and her husband would never go to bed at the same time because he only needs four hours of sleep.

I know another couple where the husband loves cold weather and the wife loves the heat. They live in the Bay Area and as long as they do a few significant family ski trips each winter, they're good for another year.

You can view this situation as a glass half full or a glass half empty. The woman who posed the query could use her early mornings to nurture herself: work out, read, pursue a hobby, run errands, etc. Or she can talk herself into that being the reason her relationship is doomed.


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