Friday, August 15, 2014

My niece leaves for college today.

I remember the day she was born. The car ride to the hospital where, when we were pulled over by local law enforcement, my father-in-law explained that we were on our way to the hospital for the birth of his first grandchild. (Not sure if Tarzana's finest believed him or not.) The tears running down my brother-in-law's cheeks when he raced into the waiting room with the news that that he and Michelle were the proud parents to a bouncing baby girl. The way my mother-in-law pulled a pen out of her bag to fill out her new granddaughter's name on the Hadassah life membership paperwork. The broad smile on my husband's face when he looked at our sweet niece's teeny, tiny, perfectly formed face.

Today she gets on a plane and heads for Texas. I entered her new address in my contacts, thinking of all the addresses I had during four years of college, of all the crossing out and rewriting my mother did in her address book. I bet she still keeps a paper address book.

I remember the day I left for college. It was night, actually. My parents and two besties accompanied me to the airport. Tears were shed. My five boxes and I caught the red-eye to Chicago. In the morning I got on another plane, this one to Madison. I hopped in a cab with all of those boxes and gave the driver the address of the dorm. Where my college adventure began. (Does anyone know why all of us Alaskans heading further east than Seattle had to take red-eyes?!) The picture here is of me with those two besties, this time, I think, when I left a Anchorage for good.

My niece is smart and makes friends easily. She is fun and has a natural interest in people, much like my father-in-law. She will have a great time. I can't wait to hear about it.

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