Friday, July 11, 2014


For the last five years I've been a fan of Orangette, Molly Wizenberg's food blog. Molly is a beautiful writer, posts great recipes and good stories, and has a new memoir out, too. (I just love her blog posts about her wedding.) A friend and I went to a the reading a few months ago. The book goes too much into her relationship with her husband in my opinion but I really enjoyed the description of how they came to open a wood-fired pizza restaurant in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

And so when we were in Seattle last month we Uber'd it to the north side of the city to check out Delancey. The pizza was great and, as promised, the husband was manning the oven. However, we didn't like either salad that we ordered. And unfortunately the wait on this Wednesday night was 90 minutes. Like the tourists we were, we waited. This wait may be the reason the duo opened an artisanal bar next door. One can nurse a lot of drinks in 90 minutes. The menu is short -- two or three salads, maybe eight pizzas, two or three deserts.

Overall, Molly and Brandon achieved what they set out to do - open a casual, neighborhood eatery. We, though, won't be going back, even when we get back to Seattle.

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