Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wanna be an Aggie?

We sniffed that possibility out by touring UC Davis this morning.

Davis is 45 minutes from our house, on the way to Tahoe. I'd long wanted to see more of the campus than we see from the freeway so Eldest Daughter and I tagged along with my sister-in-law and niece, the high school senior. Eldest Daughter has always said it was too close to home to consider and, although she came along today, she appears to still feel that way.

UC Davis is a college town. It felt like Berkeley to me in that crunchy way. But it wasn't as dirty and the buildings weren't as pretty. The campus felt fairly laid back and it would be a great place to go, in my opinion, if you studied agriculture, natural resources or environmental sciences. Bikes were everywhere and the campus was flat.

One of the things I liked about the school was the salad bar garden in front of the plant and environmental sciences building. From time to time the garden team hosts salad lunch days and students bring their own bowls, harvest their own greens and mix ins, and the school provides a washing station, salad spinners and salad dressing.

This was my second official college tour and it made me realize how much the tour guide influences the visiting prospective student's experience. While this tour guide was fairly knowledgeable and could speak from a memorized script while walking backwards, she lacked energy and the ability to engage tour participants.

Pictured here is one of the Robert Arneson Egghead sculptures. It's called Bookhead and sits at the entrance to the Shields Library.

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Adrienne Koesterer said...

As an Aggie, it is a very difficult, strong school. I majored in PE, which is now Biological Sciences and I could have easily applied to medical schools with the sciences I was required to take. The campus and town have much more to offer since I went, but it was a nice, home-y place when I was there. Go Malcolm 3!