Monday, October 14, 2013

The city mouse and the country mouse

I'm a city gal. At least I think so. I like tall buildings. I like architectural feats. And diversity. I like entertainment options. And eating options. And museums and shops and subways and buses and taxis and elevated walkways.

One of my friends lives in a city of 5 million people. She moved there from a city of 8 million people. She likes the anonymity of city living. And the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity.

I live in an incorporated town of 48,000 people. In a seven-county metropolitan area of 7 million people. Within 50 miles of me are two cities each with 900,000 people.

This does not make me a real city gal. I have never lived in a city. How can I consider myself a city person if I've never actually lived in one?

Another of my friends moved across the country for work. He now commutes daily into Manhattan. I was disappointed when he and his family bought a home in Connecticut because I wanted him to have a city life. But he told me that he's a suburban guy at heart and didn't want to live in the city.

The Pinks like the suburb we live in. They like seeing people they know at Starbucks and at stoplights and at the car wash. If we lived in a real city we wouldn't have a car to wash.

I want to live in a city. Would I like city living if I didn't have the same ready access to Tahoe?


Postcards From The Hedge said...

If you live in Manhattan I think you're required by law to have a country place, and there are some fabulous lakes closer to NY than Tahoe is to here...and you'd see your neighbors at the crosswalk, on the subway, at the dry cleaner's. I don't want you to move, I want you to be my neighbor for life. But I also think you'd have a blast in a city - especially NYC. As my friends who live there say, there really isn't any other city.

Thom Singer said...

I wish I had lived in New York. Just saying. I never did it, but wish I had.