Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I cried.

I picked Eldest Daughter up from Driver's Ed and we went to Trader Joe's. In front of us at the cashier was a baby in the shopping cart basket. She was 10 months old.

She had dark brown hair and big blue eyes rimmed with ridiculously long lashes. She was all smiles, in the unstoppable way 10-month-olds are. She was round and soft, with those delicious extra rolls and folds of skin. If not for my good manners and self-restraint, I would have scooped her up and hugged her. She was that yummy looking.

Instead I cried. The tears silently down my cheeks puddling on my white t-shirt.

I looked at Eldest Daughter, standing beside our cart. She is tall (5'3" is tall in our family). She is thin, all legs. Her makeup still looks perfect at 5:30pm. I struggle to make the connection between the sweet baby girl in the cart and my articulate, well-groomed daughter.

Eldest Daughter looks away, embarrassed by my display of emotion.


Dilshad said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

And now I am crying...