Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Wedding Gift

Jen and Steve are making it official! It was a foregone conclusion to those of us who know and love them. They're great people individually and even better together. As Eldest Daughter said of Steve, all dappered up at her Bat Mitzvah, " He cleans up nice!" This is an impressive observation from a 13-year-old who, as parents of teens know, tends toward inward focus.

A friend's mom makes these heirloom art pieces out of vintage letterpress blocks. As a gift from the Febmoms, I commissioned a piece for the happy couple with their names, the names of Jen's kids from her first marriage (who are very close to Steve), their wedding date and the words We Are Family. I cried when I received it and so did Jen when she opened it.

We wish you and Steve all the happiness, Jen! Love you both!

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