Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The NYC Food Report

Dave and I ate pretty well in New York. It was a combination of New York's good food plus our ability to eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, as fast or as slowly as we wanted.
Here are the highlights.

The Smith. Dinner with Matt and Kim. Upper West Side. We wanted the nightly special, chicken and waffles, but sadly it was gone by the time we arrived at 9pm. I had fried artichoke hearts and a burrata salad. Dave and Kim had salads. I don't remember what Matt had. We were kinda busy catching up. 

Grimaldi's. This is the Brooklyn coal brick oven pizza pizza place that everyone claims is the best in New York. Even though it was 90F that day and we'd just walked three hours on an architectural tour, we gobbled down a pizza and enjoyed every bite. It's just as good as our favorite pizza spot, the Rome Stazione. And it's just as conveniently located.

Blue Ribbon Bakery. Our neighbor suggested this spot in the West Village. It was worth the trek. I had steak tartare and a leafy salad. I think Dave had the burger. Look how cute the menu is!

After Book of Mormon we got a late snack at the Carnegie Deli. I had the bagels, Nova salmon and cream cheese with their to-die-for pickles (I'm a purest and like the full dills.) and Dave had chopped liver. 

The biggest surprise of the trip from a food perspective? As hot as it was, we had no ice cream. There was no particular reason for it -- we just didn't.

On our last day there we tried to get into Balthazar for lunch but there was a long wait. Instead we got take-out for the flight home which included a delicious piece of cheesecake. It was nice and gooey by the time I ate it at 30,000 feet.

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