Friday, June 28, 2013

National Ice Cream Month

Dear Kate,

In 1984 Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month. In homage to that, the House of Pink challenges you to try a new flavor every day in July.

Having seen you eat gelato twice a day in the past and also happily try flavors such as puffo and fresh coconut, we believe you are up to this summer challenge. We are hopeful that you and your father will blog about your adventures doing so.

Are you in?

Team Pink


Thom Singer said...

Kate loves the idea of ice cream everyday in July.

Not sure this helicopter parent is up to daily ice cream....

But Kate is the only person I ever met who intentionally tries a new flavor each time, so this has her name written all over it. Maybe 15 times, not 30... and she is in.

Thom Singer said...

Update.... Kate has already been trying new flavors (at least a taste spoon... including beet and lime).

Sara said...

A long overdue note:
Kate loved this challenge! She tried Amaretto, roasted beet w/fresh mint (surprisingly good), a dill pickle snow cone (not surprisingly bad), rainbow cream, caramel corn, goat cheese/thyme/honey (interesting), butter beer (YUM!), fried chicken & waffles (YUCK!), tres leches, oreo cheesecake, pumpkin pie, Nilla wafer, peanut butter cup, mint oreo and a slew of "regular" flavors. She can't wait 'till next July!