Thursday, May 2, 2013

The book fair.

Here and now, at the end of my youngest children's 5th grade year, I did a major purge of The Pinks bookshelves.

I also ran a total of how much we supported our elementary school during our decade-long stay. Two book fairs a year. Times three children. Six years per child. Factor in books purchased for the individual classrooms and school library.

Niecelets: do you read your favorite auntie's blog? If so, head's up: there are some good reads coming your way.

Future grandchildren: I hope you like to read. Grandma Leslie will have the best collection of children's books for you. You show up and I will bake you chocolate chip cookies to eat with them.

The rest were just posted to freecycle.

Thing 2 is reading her way through my childhood set of Little House on the Prairie books now, ones that my mom saved. This makes me happy. We can't figure out why my brother's name is penned in them. In my mom's perfect script. Go figure.

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