Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three is the new two.

On the subject of children, it seems like we know an awful lot of people who have three or more children.

It could be because we have three, and people with more than two children gravitate toward other people with larger-than-the-national-average-number-of-children. We're less intimidated by the chaos.

Dave and I were anomalies in the neighborhood where we bought our first house. Most of our neighbors had children and one family seemed to have a lot of them. Now that we have kids of our own we realize that this particular family only had three. But it sure seemed like more when they were little!

Greg and Alice have triplets. Greg, who is one of the funniest people I know, calls grocery shopping "provisioning" and couples who have less than three children "slackers".

The Littlest Pinks went through a stage in preschool where their best friends were only children. What was that about?! Of course we never see those families now because they are too busy micromanaging one child and they mostly go to private school. That seems a little harsh to type but it's true.

Our Tahoe neighbor pointed out that her husband has four children by four different women. This is not as promiscuous as it sounds; one was from his first marriage, one is a biological product of their marriage and they adopted two children.

One of our Bay neighbors has two biological children and two step-children. A friend has two children with her husband and three step-children, happy bonuses of her husband's first marriage. Paige has four. Kathy has four. They seem sane. I skied this year with a friend with four children. Her adorable, teeny tiny six-year-old beat me down the hill more than once. I love that stage, the one where the kids are fearless.

While Dave and I never expected to have three children I'm glad we did, especially as Eldest Daughter pulls away from us. I find there are days where she and I speak very little outside of limited necessities we cover during the drive to school. And that makes me sad.

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