Monday, April 1, 2013

Bye Bye Bookend

I just bid farewell to another bookend. Her time on our work project was finished and on she goes to other things.

Still, I am sad. She was my proverbial partner in crime, the peer I stretched my leg with mid-day to bounce ideas off of, the voice of reason in a company we both joined at the same time.

Sometimes I remain personal friends with my bookends. This happens when we have things in common such as children or broad interests. Heather and Neeracha are examples. This particular bookend and I don't have many points of intersection; we're of different generations, she doesn't yet have children, we live many miles apart, and so I think we will end up professional friends. I didn't have a bookend at SOASTA -- the door revolved too quickly although there were many people there I genuinely liked.

My best clients turn into friends, real-life friends like Kymi and Rebel.

I'm in no rush to bookend the newest member of our team. Every work situation does not warrant a bookend and frankly, I must grieve first.

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