Monday, February 18, 2013

Life now.

I'm really enjoying my new consulting gig, aka the gig I did not expect to take.

The pros are many, the cons are few:

I like the (generally) peaceful pre-school mornings at home with the girls. Even when I drive the high school carpool I still have time to come home, eat breakfast with the youngest Pinks, and take them to school. The mornings are less frenetic than our evenings of dinner / homework / bathing /  dance / lacrosse / tutoring.

I have time to think at work. In a tech sales enablement role there is a lot of pressure to process information and act upon it quickly. With internal communications I have time to think about the end user and what messages will resonate best with them.

My team is good. I work closely with two smart women and a common goal of doing the best we can for our client. Our client is a nice guy, too, as is the team he manages. If there are passive aggressive people at my client they are hiding from me, at least thus far.

As for dislikes, my collection of work-at-home wear is collecting dust. My poor Lucy and Lulu Lemon pants just sit in my closet neatly folded. I saw an adorable super-lightweight down jacket at Uniqlo in the city yesterday and passed on it knowing it would rarely be worn in my present situation. (Tip: the flagship SF store does not carry children's clothing. Bummer.) I miss my husband and working at the partners' desk we share in our home office. I miss the diversity of people and restaurants in Mountain View and easily seeing my South Bay friends.

But mostly I am happy for a new mental challenge and being able to help provide for our family.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! So happy to hear you're loving your new gig, Leslie. Rock on! ;-)