Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's get fancy.

Dave and I spent a few hours of our MLK Day soaking up the recycled air at the Moscone Convention Center.

He'd gone to the Fancy Foods Show last year and insisted that I'd regret not accompanying him this year. I have to admit, it was a good time for the three hours we were there. And then we left, my eyes figuratively bruised from all that focus on getting my fill.

Let's set the scene. Picture 1,300 food booths spanning two large exhibition spaces, 90% offering samples. Next time I will forgo breakfast and if I'm smart, dinner the night before. By 11a I'd eaten my weight in chocolate, non GMO lentil / pita / tortilla / rice chips with salsa / tapenade / hummus, varieties of popcorn, ice cream, gelato, candy, natural yogurt, cheese, artisan olive oil and bread, coconut water, ginger / grapefruit / mango soda, cookies and meats roasted in sauces with names like DennyMike's and The Spice Hunter. At left is a nice lady from Bob's Red Mill, a large gluten-free flour manufacturer.

The manufacturers and distributors there are looking for retail outlets and each offering was beautifully merchandised. Dave and I went to check out products for Triumph Dining reviews. We offer manufacturers free listings in our gluten-free grocery guide and Dave handed out free copies to the marketers at brands we'd not seen before.

Pencil this in for 2014, friends. And join me for a David Lebovitz moment.

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