Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mountain View in the Rain

Julie inspired this post by blogging about a walk around her neighborhood. And Caryl inspired this photo, which is taken in a style that I've come to view as Caryl's trademark.

On the way to work today I saw the most glorious rainbow. It touched down on both sides and, other than seeing my kids off to school, it's been the highlight of my day.

By 2p my eyes were begging for a break from this monitor and the monotony of a marathon technobabble editing session so I threw on my rain boots and went for a walk down Castro Street. Although the sun was out, it was raining. I window shopped. I picked up pho for Thing 2. I observed men in skinny pants and women in short skirts, black tights and mostly low-heeled boots. It is a rainy day after all. Red, orange and yellow leaves litter the sidewalk. It's surprisingly warm.

The perpetually dirty fish store is getting a new shipment of fish. Perhaps the last ones died from the filth? The tiny grocery on Castro has great produce and foodie products like Ciao Bella Gelato and Acme bread. The cashier wears black fingerless gloves, a vest covered with patches and pins that remind me of the Girl Scouts and jeans. I bought dried apricots.

Vacant is the storefront that used to have architects. In the window of TAP Plastics is a Merry Christmas sign in blue and white. The lobby of my high rise has two Christmas trees with metallic globe ornaments and many white boxes beneath them. I will have to see what it looks like all lit up once the sun sets.

I want to go home and be with my children and husband.

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