Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm not happy for you.

My colleague resigned this week. Resigned is a flowery, sweet word, a PC word. Really, he quit.

We both came to the company a year ago. And I liked him both personally and professionally. He did good work in spite of the pivots and ambiguity inherent in startups such as this one.

He says he is leaving this employer for what he thinks is a better opportunity. And that this opportunity just presented itself. It's his seventh employer in nine years. Read that again. Seventh employer in nine years. He's been out of college nine years. It's hard not to draw any conclusions from that.

I get it. His generation is different than mine. They move around more frequently. And as a broad and mass generalization, they are less transparent about their motives. There is no loyalty, even transparently veiled.

Honestly, I'm not happy he's exiting. And although I told him the truth, that I hoped he would do great things, I'm not going to congratulate him on his big move. He told me that he is surprised that people are not offering him kudos and that his lame duck period is awkward and uncomfortable.

Is it right to expect the people you're leaving behind, the ones you're saddling with additional workload until you are backfilled, to be happy for you when you're only a year into a job and beginning to see results from your efforts?

In my opinion, no. Care to weigh in?

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