Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween be gone!

The night before Halloween I realized that I hadn't signed up to bring anything to the youngest Pinks Halloween parties. In fact, I hadn't seen any email on it at all.

When I asked the Pinks about it they told me that their principal had cancelled all Halloween parties this year except for the kindergartners. My inclination is to blame this principal for all the evils in the world but I did not this time. Instead, I queried the school parents who might know more than me.

Sure enough, I was told, the principal decided to follow the school district's guidelines and limit the students to three parties during the academic year. A very involved mommy, one I know and respect, said that the teachers voted to nix Halloween.

From a big picture perspective, I find this surprising and disappointing since Holiday parties are more controversial and Valentine's Day parties are sweet and lovey, which does not exactly match the demeanor of most elementary school children. Valentine's Day is a big Hallmark Holiday in my book. And Halloween has all the decorating and dress up fanfare accompanying it.

Another decision I disagree with.

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