Monday, October 22, 2012

Twins. But not mine.

My friend texted me this picture last week. It was her 42nd birthday. Her oldest is a college freshman and her youngest is in kindergarten. These identical twins will be her 5th and 6th children.

I am thrilled for her, for them. I know how much fun twins are and I've seen first-hand what an amazing mother she is. She has a large, helpful extended family and these kids will have an interesting, happy life surrounded by people who adore them.

I am saddened, however, by at least one of the comments people have left on her blog. One woman responded "having twins is my worst nightmare". Wake up sister. Does any pregnant woman need to hear that? I hope she pulls that comment down.

The hormonal ups and downs are hard enough when you're pregnant with a singleton. Imagine twice the amount of joy and anxiety.

We're here for you Celia. And I believe that these babies are your and Carl's reward for being such wonderful parents and good people.


Paige said...

TRUE. But I don't think she should take comment down so that person can feel badly about what she's said. People always says, "Better you than me!" Best answer: "I know!"

Also I cannot comment on blogs from my cell phone that have the "prove you're not a robot thing." It freezes up my cell phone and won't let me type in the code. Does that happen to you?

Celia Fae said...

Leslie, I appreciate this post and your excitement for me! I knew you'd be on board with me and my twins.

The comments don't bug me. I can empathize with people's negative feelings, or else I just don't care!

In other news, the facebook photos of snow you are posting are KILLING me. It will come to pass that I ski again, but I will have to enjoy the season vicariously through you.