Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 14

Do you crave sweets after eating protein? I do. And I've heard that others do, too. I think this is why steakhouses offer a heavy dessert selection. Heavy as in calorie-laden and heavy as in broad selection. Would anyone really enjoy a fruit plate following a session of carnivorous gluttony?

This presents a problem when you're off gluten. For me, the gluten-free friendly way to handle this urge is dried apricots. I'm eating them at least once a day now.

The bread products I don't much miss. Much is the key word in that last sentence. I did on Saturday morning when the kids wanted ebilskivers for breakfast. And I made them. I missed gluten a bit on Friday night when we went to the elementary school Fall Festival and I volunteered at the cake walk, surrounded by tables of sticky sweet, Halloween-themed baked goods. But mostly I don't think about what I'm missing.

Do I feel any different? Yes. But not a lot. I haven't hit the part where you sleep better and have more energy. I think I feel better because I'm eating healthier, cleaner. A lot of people I know are sick right now, victims of the the summer to fall weather transition cold. People seem to be suffering from seasonal allergies right now. I've managed to avoid those, too.

Dave and I went out to lunch with a mutual friend last week and I thought long and hard before joining them. I wanted to make good choices. I also picked the seat at the table facing the wall, not the one facing into the room where I could see the fish and chips I ordered in my past life.

I talked to a mom at the Fall Festival and she was diagnosed with celiac disease five years ago. It's a challenge staying gluten-free and also cooking for a family of five. That's a blog post for the Triumph Dining blog.

There's another Triumph Dining blog post in another dilemma, too. Now that I've done a great deal of reading on the benefits of a gluten-free diet I want to share my findings with others. A friend has been recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is a fair amount of research showing that removing gluten from your diet can alleviate some of the symptoms. But as a gluten-free newbie and also one who tends not to proselytize in general, I don't want to give advice.

Week three begins.

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lori christensen said...

Leslie - a great post. I'm impressed with your dedication and honesty about the process. I would definitely struggle with certain aspects of going gluten-free. Are you making this a permanent change or are you conducting personal research on the benefits? I hope all else is well in you camp.