Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm done being polite.

For the second year in a row a large volunteer organization I am active in has scheduled a meeting on Yom Kippur. Clearly the group didn't get the message when a few of us raised the issue the previous year. This year I reached out to the chapter president and  politely expressed my unhappiness with this. She was, of course, apologetic.

Frankly, I am used to this kind of oversight. Herein lays the problem. Does this continue to happen because people either don't say anything or instead, gently express their unhappiness the way I did?

Our elementary school has scheduled a Lunch on the Lawn on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar and a day many Jews fast.

There are approximately 5 million Jews in the US, enough so that my SIL's public schools in Los Angeles are closed for the Jewish High Holy Days. As are my friend Kathy's public schools in Boston. And Barbara's public school in Philadelphia. But here in my northern California suburb our school scheduled an event where families join with their children to eat. And it's not like the Jews in this town are invisible -- there's even a temple here!

There is something seriously wrong with this lack of understanding. Clearly I'm not making enough noise. You can bet that will change.

L'shanah tova, all.


Carey said...

Every year there's been some crazy conflict at my kids' school, and every year I've complained. Countless fall picture days were scheduled on either Rosh Hashana, and this year the only-happens-once 5th grade science camp trip was scheduled across Yom Kippur. Fortunately, due to a lack of chaperones, the trip was rescheduled, but you'd think that it wouldn't take much to check a calendar. There just doesn't seem to be the critical mass of Jewish families to make things change, unfortunately. It's quite a change from growing up in SoCal where a good number of my teachers were out, as much as the students, for the holidays.

Keep speaking loudly. Maybe someone will listen...eventually.

Go Go Mom! said...

L - it was caught for Lunch on the Lawn and we have rescheduled it for Wednesday, October sorry :(