Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mean Women

I Skyped with a friend across the country this week and listened to her woes of Mean Women in her local philanthropic group.

She ended the story with, "I wish Rachel Simmons did a program for adults!"

I hear this. Fortunately I run from Mean Women as much as I can. As grownups, we can mostly choose who we want to spend our free time with and surround ourselves with people who are interesting, make us feel good or share the same values. Sometimes you just can't and this was my friend's situation.

Some women just thrive on the chaos. And others are just clueless to their role in it.

I counseled my friend that, in my opinion, the Intentional Meanies were compensating for things in their lives they can't control: the actions of their own aging parents, their portfolios, the state of their marriages. She should be proud of herself for holding her head high, remaining true to her values and actions, and ignoring the background noise.

We've all been there.

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