Sunday, February 12, 2012

People Watching

On most Sunday mornings I work from a coffee shop. The Pinks go to religious school and I have three hours to work, blog, read and exercise before I pick them up. Our synagogue is 18 miles from our house so I don't go back and forth.

I change up where I work. This keeps it interesting and exposes me to things I might not otherwise see. The writer is an astute observer. This morning I'm camped out at a Starbuck's that I come to a few times a year.

To my left is a heavily tattooed couple coming down from a recreational Saturday night. Their conversation is surprisingly mainstream and she apparently works for Taleo.

To my right is a mother and young daughter. She is speaking to the child in baby talk. The child has long, dark hair in tight ringlets, the kind that is adorable, that her mother works hours to style and that she will hate in ten years. Her lashes are unfairly long and her lips are the shade of red that only children have. The contents of the little girl's purse are on table. It contains a pack of gum, strawberry Lip Smacker, roll on body glitter and curl enhancer.

Three firemen just walked in, wearing regulation blue trousers, pressed blue shirts, woven black belts and shined black shoes. Clean shaven must be regulation, too. Their hands are in their pockets when they are not drinking their juice. One has a military-short haircut. Do they notice the tattooed couple with bloodshot eyes?

A little couple and their little child are in line. They are greeted by another woman. The child is beautiful. I wonder if she models like my high-school-friend Jon did. Do Jon and his wife Jennifer model together? I must Google.

This Starbucks recently remodeled so there are more communal tables and fewer cushy chairs. Every so often someone does a double-take when they walk in, surprised as I was at the new set up. There are no black aprons behind the counter and the line out the door is testament to that.

There is a blond father with a set of preschool-aged blond twin girls. Their attire suggests they are either en route to or en route from church. He is also carrying an infant car seat and from this angle I can see tiny black patent leather shoes peeking out. They sit next to a table of high school girls wearing PJ bottoms tucked into Uggs.

I wish I had the nerve to shoot pictures.

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