Sunday, November 20, 2011

Next stop: Singapore!

My Badger friend Hillary moved from NYC to Singapore this year. Her husband is the chair of NYU's Tisch Asia School of the Arts.

Coincidentally, my mother-in-law is doing a four-month Crystal Cruise and will have two days in Shanghai this spring.

These two facts mean one clear thing: a road trip is in my future!

I've just done my airline ticket to visit Hil, Jean-Marc and Sophia then meet up with my MIL and Dave in Shanghai.

Am I the only one who gets a panic attack when they push the "purchase" button on an international airline transaction? This panic attack is accompanied by a buzz, too, the buzz of solidifying my next adventure. But it really and truly means I will spend 20+ hours in the air, 40+ hours over a week's time, and leave my kids on the other side of the world.

Singapore is a long way from here. It's even further from New York, where most of Hil's family and friends live. I'm very excited to see her for a few days. There is no easy way to do this triangle and Dave and I spent way too much time playing with the variables: low cost and milk run vs airline we've never heard of and direct route vs high cost and miserable departure and arrival times.

During the course of putting this trip together I discovered a fabulous travel site, Hipmunk. It's visual interface is easy on the eyes and it's really cute, too. It also satisfies my emerging monkey fetish. I'm a big fan of MailChimp, which I use for work.

If you've got any Singapore or Shanghai recs, I'm ready for them!


Ron Hutzul said...

My buddy Thomas - the "High-Tech PM Turned Arctic Explorer" spend nearly two years living there - I'll ask for a couple of ideas and get back to you!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Another adventure that I can't wait to read about!!!