Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mountain View

I drive here two days a week to work. It's a long commute. Long as in more than an hour each way.

The good news, great news really, is that I like Mountain View. It's home to 75,000 people including Seth and Lori, who I hope to see more of. My office is on Castro Street, the main drag, and out the door is the performing arts center. A Posh Bagel is on the ground floor of our high rise, a bonus for me as I am in the office at 7am. There are restaurants and independent book stores and coffee shops. There are Chinese Herbalists and two music stores. There's a fish store, which is different than a fish market.

Mountain View has an ethnic diversity that my suburb does not. People smile as they walk down the street. They push strollers. They are young and they are old. They carry library books.

CALTRAIN stops near my office and I see people get off the train with their bikes then ride over the 101 to the NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field. I'd like to commute that way.

It's the things you never expect.

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