Tuesday, May 24, 2011

M's Bat Mitzvah

Yes, I went to another one!

This time I went with my parents and some of their friends. The Bat Mitzvah (that's a noun in this instance, referring to the person) was the daughter of my childhood friend, Wendy. I'm sure I can find a picture of me and Wendy at one of our BatM's if I look hard enough.

When we walked into the synagogue on Saturday I realized that it was also Wendy and her husband's anniversary. Sixteen years ago many of these same people stood on the golf course at Diablo Country Club and watched the two of them under the chuppah.

This was another B'nai Mitzvah - a double service. This picture is of M carrying the Torah around the synagogue; Wendy is behind her. The other Bat Mitzvah inserted a bit of humor in the service; her friends led everyone in a Justin Bieber song. It was, um, different.

The service brought me to tears not just because M did a beautiful job but because there were some very sick members of their family there beating the odds. Wendy's mom, M's grandma, has been gone ten years now and her absence was painful; Sandy was a force to be reckoned with, an amazing matriarch. The synagogue was filled with old family friends who, fortunately, have stuck by Wendy's father. Wendy is one strong cookie. She was weeks away from having her second child when her mom passed and the eulogy she gave at her mom's funeral was among the most heart-wrenching things I have ever seen.

It was strange to be the kid. People kept asking about my kids and I was just trying to behave myself with my parents and their friends.

The Pinks had packed day with two community theater performances and softball Saturday so I skipped the big party as this simcha was on the other side of the Bay.

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