Saturday, February 19, 2011

I wish I liked hot chocolate.

I should like hot chocolate. I like chocolate. I like warm drinks. I like whipped cream. Sadly, I do not like hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is becoming more and more trendy in the states. We used to have a Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe in our suburb. I worked there a fair amount. But it didn't make it.

Tara Austen Weaver just covered a Hot Chocolate Crawl on her blog, Tea & Cookies. It sounded great, except for the actual consumption of the hot chocolate.

If ever I was to like a particular hot chocolate it would be David Lebovitz's Hot Chocolate With Salted-Butter Caramel.

Neeracha is a hot chocolate connoisseur and blogs about it not infrequently. Here she touches on some she had in Barcelona.

I went to great lengths to locate La Charlotte de l'Isle the last time we were in Paris. How much sense does that make?!

We're up at Tahoe. It's snowing lightly, as our neighbors tell us it has been since Tuesday. The drive up was long yet we were rewarded with vistas of heavily snow-laden pine trees as far as we could see. We drove the back roads for a bit to escape the drudgery of the slow-and-go freeway and were gifted with a freshly plowed road all to ourselves.

Dave has just returned from a trip to the outdoor spa and tells me that the snow is literally 10 feet tall all around it. Pity the 6-foot-tall man responsible for keeping the path from the door to the hot tub clear. I hope he likes hot chocolate.

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